garden retaining wall ideas and design

Are you stuck on how to use garden wall to transform your home?

Sprucing up an outdoor area does not only involve cleaning up or adding potting plants, a bush or vegetable garden. In most cases, adding or utilizing a garden wall is necessary to hold soil and rain runoff back as well as create a most delightful focal point in your outdoor living space. Here are some great garden wall ideas to energize your outdoor living space.

  1. Guide to garden walls

    Stone and masonry walls have long been used to create some of the most charming outdoor environments. Concrete block walls are the most common in use today and three main types are available, namely, poured concrete which is great for curved walls, concrete masonry unit walls which use standard cinder blocks and interlocking garden wall blocks.
    Natural stone is a classy choice for garden walls and can be dry-stacked or each stone can be held in place with mortar. Although brick privacy walls may not be as popular as they once were, they have a historic elegance that is hard to beat.

  2. Garden wall decorations

    Garden wall decorations are the perfect solution for a quick and simple refresher. You can opt for shelves to place plants on or metal decorations there are extensive variations.

  3. Front garden wall

    The front of your home is the first thing that guests will see, hence the need to leave a good impression on your front garden wall. For a unique look, split it up the wall between brick and wrought iron, creating a haven for flowerbeds along the edge of the garden.

  4. Back garden wall

    A back garden wall creates a shield of privacy between you and your neighbors and can also protect small children or pets, from wandering too far away from home. If you live in a modern, recently constructed home then a fresh brick or wooden wall will look perfectly placed.

  5. Interlocking blocks

    This design is a super neat and cool garden wall idea that requires interlocking blocks to complete the wall. You can choose any type of shape, but cylindrical blocks are incredibly unique for achieving that artsy garden concept.

  6. Curve wall

    A curved wall adds a subtle extra element of interest to a garden and can work as a windbreak for those who live in less sheltered areas. If you have a flat, rectangular suburban garden, a curved wall is just the thing to make it a little special.

  7. Lighten up your life

    Well-chosen lights can transform an unremarkable wall into something romantic and intriguing. This garden wall design can include installing built-in up-lighters, using colored neon to make a bold statement or simply string up some dainty fairy-lights.

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