Are you tired of strangers just walking or driving into your home, without prior warning?

Security is one of the top concerns for any person, be it at home or commercial property. Installation of a colorbond fence gate can add value and security to the home. The beauty of the gate will create a sound impression from the entrance and give you peace of mind. Here is how to install and build a colorbond fence gate.

Getting the right gate

When you order your colorbond fence gate, you need to make sure that you measure the total opening that you have. The gate will come with posts and spacing. If you require the actual gate panel to be a certain size, inform your colorbond gate suppliers so that the posts and spacing are added to that size.

Installing the colorbond fence gate

First concrete the tubular posts, allowing for spaces between the gate frame and gate posts. If you are using Butt hinges, the total gap between posts should include the actual gate panel size+25mm (single) or +35mm (double). If you are using L-Plate hinges, then the total gap between posts should include the actual gate panel size+45mm (single) or +75mm (double).
Allow the posts to sets, which usually takes about 48 hours. For the Butt hinges, once the posts are set, screw the butt hinges to gate. Place gate in required position and screw hinges to gate posts. When using L-Plate hinges, simply screw the bottom hinge firmly into place. Loosely screw the top hinge and allow the top hinge to slide up and over the gate bush. Slide down the top hinge and tighten with a spanner, then attach the remaining fittings.

Building your colorbond gate

To build the colorbond gate, use an existing fence post as gatepost, making sure the post is well concreted in. Mark in hinge positions, making sure there is a packer behind each hinge position. Measure the total width of top and bottom opening of the gate. Allowing a clearance on closing side and hinge offset, subtract from opening width for overall gate frame width. Then subtract from the measurement the return on the frame (100mm each side) to give total length of ails. Cut to length and spray the cut ends with cold galvanizing paint to protect against rust. Feed the rails onto frame bars. Hang gate frame on hinge pins and drive in the remaining screws to secure hinge to post. Continue working up gate and use packers to keep gaps even.

Ready to build or get your colorbond gate installed?

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