How to Build a Small Retaining Wall with Sleepers

Do you want to know what a sleeper retaining wall is, or how to build one?

Retaining walls help beautify and add value to your home. They are also a good option when it comes to protecting your home from flooding and soil erosion. Building with available material like concrete sleepers is one great option. Here is how to build a small retaining wall with sleepers and how to build a concrete sleeper retaining wall.

  1.  How to make a small retaining wall with sleepers
    The first thing on how to make a small retaining wall with sleepers is to measure and mark out the wall site. Then dig a trench and lower the sleepers vertically, side by side, leaving a 1-2 cm gap in between for water drainage. Backfill with dry concrete mix and ram down. The concrete will set without having to add water if the ground is damp.

  2. What is sleeper retaining wall?
    A sleeper retaining wall is a type of retaining wall that can be made of wooden or concrete planks. For most home owners, wooden railway sleepers will do the job, though some retaining walls may require the use of concrete railway sleepers.

  3. How to build a sleeper retaining wall
    Plan out your wall, dig out the excess soil and lay the first course of sleepers. Install a drain behind the wall. Then lay the next course, starting with a short length to ensure the joints are staggered. Cut the sleeper from both sides and screw them into place. Keep adding courses until you reach the required height.

  4. How to build a concrete sleeper retaining wall
    Excavate the area with the help of a mini loader. Dig around 600mm deep and 450mm round for attaching fence brackets, leaving a minimum 200mm gap for backfilling the wall. Then place the posts, keeping a minimum distance of 40mm and ensuring the posts are all level. Fill the hole with a concrete mix of cement, gravel, and sand up to 600mm from the top.

  5. Installing the concrete sleepers
    To install the concrete sleeper retaining wall, wait for a day for the concrete to dry. Then slide the sleepers into the posts. Wait for one week and then backfill with crushed rocks. Place a pipe at the back of the retaining wall for water to escape. Finally, fill the gravel up to 200 mm from the top of the lower sleeper, add a soil plug and fill the wall to the top.

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