How to Build Concrete Sleeper Steps

Do you have some chipped concrete steps that need repairing? Do you need to build some concrete steps?

When water accumulates in uneven areas of your concrete steps, it can be a hazard to those that need to use them. When the steps are wet or icy, they become slippery. With proper instructions, it is possible for you to level those uneven areas. Here is a guide on how you can level concrete steps and how to build concrete sleeper steps.

  1.  Leveling concrete steps
    Using a wet and dry shop vac, sweep and vacuum the stairs. Then use quality de-greaser and some warm water to remove all the dirt, grime and other contaminants around the area to be leveled. Grind into the concrete around the edges that need leveling to create a 1/16-inch high shoulder. Then pour extra compound into this shoulder.
    Brush the area to be leveled, to help your concrete compound to stick to the existing concrete steps. Add a bit of sand into the concrete compound to make it less slippery when dry. Mix cement and water and spread the concrete compound onto the area you are leveling, using a clean, wet trowel blade. Allow the compound to harden a bit before you apply a second coat. Level across the steps and allow the steps to dry or cure untouched for a full day.
  2.  Building concrete sleeper steps
    Concrete sleepers are a great way to build concrete sleeper steps and they are easy to install. Concrete sleeper steps are produced as a kit. The step kits start at 200mm high and go up to 1.2m high. If you require steps higher than 1.2m, you can use another step kit and will require extra step treads to continue the steps.

  3.  Building steps into a slope
    In order to build concrete steps on a slope, you need to first shape the slope for the treads and risers. If the slope is steep, remove some of the soil, or add additional soil on an irregular slope. Measure the height and length between the slope levels and use the measurements to calculate a suitable dimension for treads and risers. Then fix the string lines to mark the front edge of each step making sure they are evenly spaced. Dig a trench for the first riser, then add road-base, followed by leveled concrete and cover with polythene sheet. Leave for three days. Then build the first riser on a footing strip, and each following riser on the back of the previous tread, bedded on road-base with a built-in drainage slope.

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