steel retaining wall posts

Do you want to make sure that your retaining wall is solid and durable?

Steel Retaining wall posts, which come in a variety of shapes, textures, materials and styles, are more than just a visual feature, but are built to retain the earth behind them. Hence when building a retaining wall, you need something that is solid, strong and dependable to withstand constant pressure and will last for many years. This is where building a retaining wall with steel posts that are thick and strong is highly recommended. Here are some benefits of using steel retaining wall posts.

1. Strong and durable retaining walls

Steel posts are key to building straight, solid and attractive sleeper walls. A sleeper retaining wall is only as good and reliable as the uprights that hold the wall in place. Although timber uprights can be used, galvanised steel posts provide the ultimate material for strength and durability, ensuring your retaining wall can withstand the elements, external pressure and ground erosion. Steel posts are a simpler, easier way to build a solid wall.

2. Strong steel posts designs

Reinforcing your wall with steel posts is a great way to ensure concrete sleepers are positioned correctly, giving you a safe and structurally sound fencing infrastructure. Steel posts come in a variety of designs including the C sections 45 and 95 degree types, to suit different fencing requirements.

Easy and fast to install, steel posts can be used to create a long lasting, stylish, and contemporary looking retaining wall and are ideal for use on boundary lines. The steel posts are available in various lengths to suits different wall heights.

3. Aesthetic appeal

The steel retaining wall posts have a quality and visually appealing finish that is maintenance-free and lasts a lifetime. The steel post and panel retaining walls can be easily matched with other nearby landscaping items, including tiles, sculptures and metalworking. 

4. Reliable protection

Steel, particularly galvanised steel, boasts an incredibly tough protective coating due to the unique metallurgic structure, which causes the posts to resist damage during transport and installation. The steel in galvanised steel reinforced panels is completely encased in the panel and there are no exposed ends, preventing rotting or corrosion.

5. Sustainable

Steel is a highly recyclable material, hence it is a perfect choice as retaining wall building material, especially where sustainability is a key concern. The lowered requirement for steel posts replacement or repair means that over the life of the product less resources will need to be used, which is another sustainable feature of steel retaining wall posts.

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