Top 5 Important Things When Designing Your Commercial Landscape

Do you know that 79% of people say that they pay attention to the state of the lawn of a premise they are visiting?

That says something about the importance of proper landscaping doesn’t it?

The importance of first impressions can never be underestimated. In the world of business this is one of the foundational etiquette lessons that you learn from the very start. This extends to how you dress, your office, and even the way you landscape your premises. Here are the top five things we believe are important and you should think about for your commercial landscape project.

  1. Increase curb appeal with retaining walls
    If your commercial landscape is expansive and you have quite a large yard, it’s worth considering installing retaining walls around the property. Not only is this a great security feature but the right retaining wall that fits in with your building’s theme and design will definitely serve to increase curb appeal.
  2. Get a landscape artist to design a proper driveway
    What do people see as they drive onto your premise and into your company parking lot? We’ve all seen concrete and asphalt driveways that are cracked. They are unsightly, and should certainly have no place in your company’s parking bay. Upgrading your driveway will not only make it look more appealing, but will also increase functionality. There are plenty of options to keep costs low if you plan on installing a new driveway, consider using paving stones.
  3. Use garden beds to add colour to your landscape
    If the soil on your premises is poor, or plants tend to be affected by frost, you might want to consider getting garden beds instead. Garden beds are a great way of adding that dash of colour that’s needed around your property, but they are also neat in that weeds and other unwanted shrubbery are kept to a minimum and are manageable.
  4. Consider adding water features to add class to your premise
    Nothing says class like a water feature at the entrance of your building or in the middle of your driveway. It’s just glamorous and screams sophistication. Take advantage of cladding options such as our popular Kensington and Cove concrete sleepers and get a truly impressive water feature added to your commercial property.
  5. Create seating areas for guests who are waiting outside
    Metallic benches used to be the norm, but thanks to the eco-friendly movement, a lot of companies are choosing to go au naturel with their outside seating options. Create visitor or guest seating arrangements using retaining walls. Not only is this an environmentally friendly option, but it’s also favorable because its a low-cost and low-maintenance solution.

Where to purchase retaining walls?

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