landscaping walls

If you’re looking for a way to add definition and structure to your backyard, then retaining walls just might be what you’re after. They are the leading landscaping tool for creating versatile and functional outdoor living spaces. We’ve seen a recent upsurge in the use of retaining walls in landscaping projects, and now bring to you the leading six trends.

  • Trend # 1. Terracing Designs
    Retaining walls can be used to strategically partition land creating different functional areas. From barbecue entertaining spaces, to patios, and garden beds, terracing is a neat way to breakup and utilize sloping areas. Our Cove and Kensington concrete sleepers are versatile options you can use in your terracing projects.
  • Trend # 2. Built-in retaining wall seating
    If you always seem to run out of seating area when you host friends and family, you’ll be happy to know that that’s a thing of the past now. This trend right here, has seen retaining walls being used in creative ways alongside flower beds, around fire pits, and barbecue areas to provide a rock solid seating arrangement for your outdoor entertainment area. Popular retaining wall options for this arrangement include shattered stone. Throw a couple of cushions over the installed wall and voilà, you’ve got yourself some extra seating space.
  • Trend # 3. Outdoor kitchen cladding
    Barbecues are a part and parcel of our Aussie culture. Mobile barbecues  while still popular among some, are being rapidly replaced by full-fledged outdoor kitchens. Retaining walls are used as cladding and tend to be favoured over conventional materials such as wood because they are low-maintenance.
  • Trend # 4. Vertical Gardens
    Retaining walls are additionally being used to create vertical gardens. Vertical gardens are not only visually attractive but they also help to improve the quality of air both indoors and out in areas that are built up. They act as natural air filters. Furthermore, they provide you with the option of planting herbs, vegetables, and flowers in the sectioned areas.
  • Trend # 5. Water and fire pits
    If you would like to add a water or fire feature to your backyard, retaining walls once again provide a viable solution. Retaining walls are durable making them great options for creating both water and fire features. Also, their variety means you can choose the wall options that best fit in with your desired look.
  • Trend # 6. Outdoor ornamentation
    Perhaps you want to add a touch of retaining wall to a mail box, a swing set, or around your pool area. Retaining walls provide a low-cost outdoor embellishment option that you can easily incorporate into your outdoor renovation project. They can be the missing link that’s needed to bring a project together.

Where to purchase retaining walls?

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