wholesale sleeper company in Australia

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A wholesale sleeper company produces great quantities of products that are stored in warehouses and are sold to retailers and businesses. Here is more about one such wholesale sleeper company in Sydney.

1. Concrete sleepers

Concrete sleepers are generally formed from cast concrete slabs that is internally reinforced by steel wire. Modern concrete sleepers are primarily manufactured using pre-stressed concrete, a technique where internal tension is introduced to the sleeper before it is cast. This counteracts the external pressure the blocks undergo during service, so that they are able to withstand high levels of dynamic load.

wholesale sleeper company

2. Wholesale sleeper company

Concrete Sleepers Sydney is your best wholesale sleeper company of choice that supplies the best concrete sleepers to both the trade and public throughout the whole of Australia. We specialise in manufacturing and supplying high-quality concrete sleepers and precast panels/blocks for use in domestic and commercial applications. Our concrete sleepers and precast blocks are designed with strength in mind. They can be used for retaining walls, footings for demountable houses, landscaping bins, movable shed slabs as well as many other applications.

3. Quality products

All the products at Concrete Sleepers Sydney undergo a very strict production schedule to ensure longevity and our sleepers are manufactured from reinforced concrete to ensure a quality sleeper always. Whether it be the classic ‘Cove’ sleeper to brighten up your garden or the original and best ‘Kensington’ sleeper for the new 

Buy Wholesale Sleeper Company And Price List Sydneyand modern Australian home, Concrete Sleepers Sydney offer unique colours and designs that allow you to add distinction to your landscape design through your retaining wall.

We have several years of experience working with concrete sleepers and retaining walls and our teams are able to service areas within Sydney and neighbouring metropolitan areas. You can also order your own customized option to match your property’s existing theme. Concrete Sleepers Sydney are the market leader in concrete and steel retaining wall products, with diverse patterns and decorative sleepers in wood, steel and concrete. Our products are DIY-friendly to make installation very easy.

4. Wholesale sleeper company price list

Wholesale sleeper prices range from $48 to $115 per sleeper depending on the length of the sleeper, which ranges from 1.5 m to 2.4 m. Under fence plinths prices range from $53 to $62, while a concrete sleeper sealer costs $176. You can get an updated wholesale sleeper company price list from our price guide brochure online.

wholesale concrete sleeper company

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Concrete Sleeper Sydney are a leading wholesale supplier of garden step kits, retaining walls and sleepers of all kinds. We have several years of experience working with concrete sleepers and retaining walls, providing low-cost, affordable, quality concrete retaining walls to our customers. Browse through our extensive product range or send an email to [email protected]