garden wall with steps and garden bed

Garden walls add flair to your backyard. The right garden walls can significantly boost an otherwise dull and boring garden. With so many creative ways to build out your garden, take advantage of our portfolio to get ideas for your next garden project. See how you can employ garden walls and garden edging to upgrade your garden. So what are these things you need to know about garden walls?

Creative Garden walls 1. Garden walls can be creative

Gone are the days of boring utilitarian garden walls. You can now create exciting designs and patterns using your garden wall. You can add curvature in your planning. It’s quite simple really; use your garden hose to layout the curve before you start laying your blocks.

While you can get as creative as you like, remember that walls above a metre need to be pre-approved by the city council. Make sure you have the necessary permission before you start laying down your garden wall.


Garden terrace with steps

2. Terrace, terrace, terrace

If you’re looking to break up the slope in your backyard, you might want to think about terracing. Terracing is a fantastic option as it helps functionalise your backyard in an aesthetically pleasing way. We have different examples of what you can do with garden walls and garden edging to create stunning terraces. Our step kits are especially useful in this endeavour.  You can also add lights to the steps or the sidewall if you want. Your options are unlimited.

3. Get custom blocks made for your garden walls

Custom blocks are the best if you’re looking to have a polished product after installation. Custom blocks offer structural integrity as well as an even base to build upon. Because the blocks are designed to fit together in a set way, it makes installation easier as well. Just make sure that you’re levelling off to ensure an even level. Follow the colour pattern of your blocks for a uniform look.

4. Don’t neglect the foundation

The foundation of any building project is the most important structural aspect of that structure. Just as the foundation for a house determines the soundness of the house, the same is true for your garden walls. Dig deep enough to ensure a solid base. Add enough filler; be generous with the gravel before you start laying on your blocks. Take your time to make sure that you have a solid foundation before building.

Where to buy garden walls

Concrete Sleepers Sydney is a leading supplier of garden walls, steps kits, and sleepers of all kinds. We offer retaining walls designed to support modern-day architecture. Our garden walls are solid, sturdy, aesthetically pleasing to look at, and designed to withstand the test of time. Browse through our extensive product range. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly support team on 1 800 960 656.