how to install color bond fencing

Are you planning on securing your property with strong, durable, and secure fencing?

When done properly, colorbond fence installation or construction will not only ensure security, but can revive the look of your property and add overall value. Colorbond fence is strong and durable and once in place, it can last a long time, with very little maintenance. Here is a guide on how to install colorbond fence as well as how to build one.

Installing colorbond fence panels

Insert the rail between the first and second post, making sure it is level. Screw through the post, into the bottom rail to secure it. Starting at one corner, insert the bottom of the panel near the end post and tip it onto an angle. Push the panel down into the bottom rail and slide it back. Slide the top rail, between the first two posts to secure the first panel. Push the panel corrugations into the top rail.
Following the same procedure, insert the next panel, with the first corrugation overlapping with the last corrugation on the first panel.  Push the second panel into the bottom rail, then push the top rail down to secure the second panel. Secure the top rail by drilling the screws through the posts at either end of the panels.

Complete the installation

Repeat the previous steps to fill in the rest of the panels and the top rail. Insert the last panel, by sliding the bottom rail between the two posts, making sure it’s level and secure it to the posts with screws. You may need to cut the colorbond panel to fit. Lastly, fit the caps by pushing them onto the posts.

How to build a colorbond fence

The procedure of how to build a colorbond fence starts with digging a 600mm-deep hole at end of fence and pouring some concrete. Join the first square post to the standard post and screw together. Place post assembly in the hole, with the top 1850mm above ground and fill the hole with concrete. Do the same to the other end of fence. Lay down bottom rails along length between the posts.
For all posts along fence, create a double-sided post or post assembly. Fix two screws 100mm from top, spacing the remaining screws every 350mm and stagger them along the post. Place post assembly in hole and slide bottom rail into higher side of post. Loosely lay the top rail between the two upright posts and concrete in position. Repeat the procedure for following posts and leave concrete to set. Then install the infill sheets by sliding the top rail into fence post.

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